Saab is a Swedish company delivering world-leading solutions, products and services for military defence, traffic management and security.

Saab develops, adapts and improves technology to meet the changing needs of customers in over 100 countries. Examples of key technology areas are aeronautics with everything from material technology to advanced aerodynamics, underwater technologies, sensor technologies, data and information fusion and highly reliable software solutions for many product areas.

Ever since the birth of NSC in 1989, Saab is a partner of NSC and, as such, Saab has a representative on the NSC board. NSC was at the time formed as caretaker of the Cray X-MP computer that served Saab as well as Swedish academia. Since then, NSC has developed expertise in several areas and, today, Saab benefits from NSC's broad knowledge of the forefront of computer technology, expertise in existing technical solutions (clusters, storage, grid etc.) and detailed knowledge of the implementation of simulation models in an HPC environment. The partnership with Saab brings to NSC a need and possibility to build an expertise in the scientific fields of electromagnetism and fluid dynamics.

One specific example of our collaboration is given by the calculations using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Today CFD plays an important role in the aircraft industry, both in the aerodynamic design and analysis of an aircraft. The applications are mainly external inviscid/viscous flow calculations around a complete aircraft or internal flow calculation in air intake or nozzle. The number of grid points, which are necessary for obtaining a good space resolution of the flow field, is typically 5–30 million and the computing time is between a few hours up to several days on a cluster computer.

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