Installed software

NSC has a large number of software installations available, often in multiple versions to suit the needs of various user communities. For a list of installed software, please see the corresponding resource page below. If you need software that is presently not installed, please see our software installation policy.

Software portfolios by cluster

  • Tetralith & Sigma Software List.
  • For Bi and Nebula, please look at the list above (software present there that is not already on Bi/Nebula can be requested).

Module system

You can also query the module system for available software and recommendations on what versions to use, e.g:

module avail
module add vasp/recommendation

SNIC knowledge base

Information on software and availability for all of SNIC is also available in the SNIC knowledge base software section. There is specific information for these NSC resources:

User Area

User support

Guides, documentation and FAQ.

Getting access

Applying for projects and login accounts.

System status

Everything OK!

No reported problems


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