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The SMHI iRODS system is for archiving and sharing internal and external data.

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Basic description of the SMHI iRODS system

The SMHI iRODS system consists of a collection of virtual machines which are hosted on a DELL PowerEdge R730xd, with 32GB physical memory and Xeon Haswell E5-2600 processor with 8 cores. There are 12x4TB disks in the system accessed via a PERC H710 RAID card. We use Xen as the virtualization software.

The virtual machines are defined as below:

Name            Memory GB Core OS GB Data TB Role
smhi2-irods            16    4     1       2 Irods iCAT server
smhi2-irods-www         4    1     1       1 Irods web access server
smhi2-sr-001            4    1     1      32 Irods storage server

The disks are attached to the storage server virtual machine, all the data has been copied from the old system.

We are running iRODS 4.1.8 with our custom changes.

Metadata is stored in a Postgres (V9.4) database on the iCAT server.

The userids should work the same way as with the old system. Only Yubikey access is supported on the iweb web server.

The default resource to be used is 'sr001p1'. It is backed with 16TB disk space.

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