These tools (collectively known as "NSC boost-tools") are an attempt to add more flexibility to the normal fair-share job scheduling on Tetralith and Sigma.

We currently provide three tools:

  • nsc-boost-priority: Increase the priority of a job to make it start as soon as free nodes are available.
  • nsc-boost-timelimit: Extend the time limit of a job beyond what the job originally asked for, even beyond the normal maximum limit for the cluster (7 days for Tetralith, 3 days for Sigma).
  • nsc-boost-reservation: Reserve nodes for a specific time period, ensuring that you will be able to access them without waiting in the queue at all during this time.

There is also a small utility that can show how many tokens are available to your project: nsc-boost-admin.

If the tools are not working or you need help using them, contact NSC Support.

We welcome feedback on how these tools work in practice. Please participate in this online survey. The information will be used to decide on future development of these tools.

A log of all boost-tools usage is can be found in /home/.nsc-boost-tools-CLUSTERNAME/logs/user.log (e.g /home/.nsc-boost-tools-tetralith/logs/user.log). You can use this e.g to check your own and other project members boost-tools usage.

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