Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub is a service (provided by Stanford university and SingularityLLC) that will automatically build Singularity images for you based on recipes (bootstrap files) stored in GitHub.

Whenever you commit a change to the bootstrap file to GitHub, a new image is automatically built.

You can run images directly from Singularity Hub, or download them to local disk (e.g /proj) at NSC and run them from there.

See the Singularity Hub website for more information on how to use Singularity Hub.

When to use it

If you don't have access to a Linux computer or virtual machine where you have super-user (root, sudo) access, you can instead use Singularity Hub to create new images.

Singularity Hub could also be useful if you want to build images that will be used in several locations (e.g at your own computer, at NSC and at C3SE).


If you will run an image from Singularity Hub more than once, download it to disk and run it from there. This will save time and network bandwidth.

Example - downloading the image and running it from disk:

singularity build test.sif shub://opensciencegrid/osgvo-tensorflow
singularity shell test.sif

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