This section of our website explains how you can use the NSC Centre Storage system to store your data and how to manage a project's storage area. Technical information on the storage system can be found here.

Please note that the way you apply for additional /proj storage has changed. All projects that need more than the default (500 GiB / 1 million files) allocation will now need to make a separate application in SUPR. Please read the "More storage space?" section for more details.
  • Basic information

    Introduction to Centre Storage. What is it, and how do you use it to store your data? Where should you store different kinds of data? All users should read this.

  • Is my data safe?

    How NSC protects (or not) your data from hardware failures and other dangers. All users should read this.

  • Policy

    The policy for how you and NSC are supposed to use this storage system. All users should read this.

  • When projects end

    What happens to my data when my project ends or if I'm removed from the project? All users should read this.

  • Information for project PIs

    What project PIs need to know about managing their project's storage. All project PIs should read this.

  • More storage space?

    How to apply for more storage space or the ability to store more files. All project PIs should read this.

  • Who can access my data?

    File permissions, ACLs etc explained

  • Recover deleted files

    How to recover deleted files yourself or with the help of NSC

  • Ownership of data and other legal issues

    Do I own my files? What rights do the project PI have? Is the data public? What if I can no longer access files I created in a project directory?

  • Moving data

    Move data to, from and within NSC Centre Storage

  • Storage projects

    Storage can be tied to a compute project or in a separate storage projects. Here we explain the differences.

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