Tetralith - Getting Started Guide

Getting a login account on Tetralith

Everyone who is a member of a project that has been granted computing time on Tetralith may apply for a login account. See the Getting Access page for more information.

Getting started on Tetralith

See the instructions on getting started for information on how to login for the first time and set your permanent password.

Tetralith has two login nodes. One is known as tetralith1.nsc.liu.se, the other one tetralith2.nsc.liu.se.

SSH sessions to tetralith.nsc.liu.se will end up on tetralith1 or tetralith2.

When you use SSH to connect to Tetralith for the first time you will usually be asked by your SSH client if the key fingerprint is correct.

An SSH key fingerprint is a way for you to verify that the computer you are connecting to is really the one you expected, and not a compromised system trying to steal your credentials. We publish the correct key fingerprints here so you can visually check to make sure you are actually connecting to Tetralith1.

SHA256:FRp4QgKKiBd2kf7cHQb+9SZ4sY3e7nirDY+05iQRWBo tetralith.nsc.liu.se (RSA)
SHA256:dwFmOFzy59e+OdZmMLAW3fj+GeMGACYwjPgc7LKZgSU tetralith.nsc.liu.se (ECDSA)
SHA256:jpV1uznj81W+4sVOEe5l6rJocIRrUVKc8+hKECIKcVY tetralith.nsc.liu.se (ED25519)

Both login nodes have the same hardware and you can use either one. If one is unavailable or slow, use the other one.

New ThinLinc sessions will always start on the login node with the lowest load (but a session will not be automatically moved).

Using Tetralith

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  1. if you want even more assurance that you're not beeing fooled, you're always welcome to contact us via some other channel (e.g email to NSC Support or even visiting us in person to verify the fingerprints.

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