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The current NSC web site was launched in May 2014, when it replaced our old web site, which was really showing its age. In the process, we tried to move many of the old pages to the new web server, including creating some automatic redirection from old to new pages. We had to draw the line somewhere, however, so many of the pages from more than 10 years ago did not make the move. If you are interested in historical information about supercomputing at NSC and partners, we should still be able to provide it, but we will have to access it from the archives. Please contact us, in such cases.

Technical information

The main part of this site is just static HTML pages compiled from Markdown-formatted source files. We keep all these files in a Git repository and use the Jekyll site compiler to build the final web site. This allows us to work with the web site in a CMS-like manner with version control, without actually needing a dynamic web framework. The system is developed in-house, mainly by Peter Larsson, Joel Hedlund, Torben Rasmussen, and Thomas Bellman.

Graphical design

The current look and web design was created by Linkin design agency and went live in the second half of 2015.


  • Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework.
  • Jekyll site generator.
  • Github for hosting the web site source.
  • The navigational menus were inspired by the award-winning www.gov.uk web site.
  • The photos made were by Göran Billeson and David Einar.

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