Application expert help at NSC

The application experts typically provide user support in their area of expertise. The support ranges from answering questions on running specific calculations and installation of new software to more advanced support, for example:

  • tuning and optimizing code
  • parallelizing code
  • compiling, installing and benchmarking code
  • helping with visualization techniques and tools
  • helping with workflow for analysis of simulation output and data management
  • helping with selection of code given a specific scientific question
  • creating tutorials and manuals
  • organizing workshops

Send support requests to , also see getting help on what information to include for fast handling.

Applying for advanced support

Advanced user support can also be provided in form of short- or long-term projects involving application experts, decided on a case for case basis depending on available expertise and time. This can range from e.g. 2 weeks benchmarking to 1 year of parallelizing and optimizing a code. Contact for further information.

Application experts

Here below is a list of the current application experts at NSC and their respective fields and background. A non-exhaustive list of expertise in different software is also shown. For a more detailed description on expertise and involvement in projects, click on the name for a link to the SNIC knowledge base.

Name Field Background Example of expertise

Rickard Armiento

Computational materials science

PhD in Physics

Greens, exciting, VASP

Chandan Basu

Computational science

PhD in Computational Physics

MPI/OpenMP, C/Fortran, TAU

Xuan Gu

Life science

PhD in Medical Informatics 2019

Enroot, Singularity, Pytorch, Tensorflow

Weine Olovsson

Computational materials science

PhD in Physics 2005

WIEN2k, Greens, exciting

Johan Raber

Computational Chemistry

PhD in Biophysics 2007

Gaussian, NWChem, R

Torben Rasmussen

Computational Chemistry

PhD in Chemistry 2001

Gaussian, Jaguar

Hamish Struthers

Climate research

PhD in Chemical physics

EC-earth, CESM1, NorESM, NSCL

Wei Zhang

High Performance Computing

PhD in High Performance Computing

MPI/OpenMP, C/Fortran

Further expertise in other areas and applications is also available from application experts at other SNIC-centers in Sweden, see the SNIC knowledge base list of application experts.

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