Accessing NSC compute resources

Most NSC compute resources/systems are traditional HPC clusters where users login to a login node ("head node") to submit batch jobs or use the system interactively.

For information on how to use other ways to access NSC compute resources (e.g grid, Fido), please see the system specific information or email for assistance.

The first thing you need is a login account. See Getting Access for more information.

When you have requested a login account and received the password setting email (for Tetralith/Sigma) or an email with an initial temporary password (for older clusters), you should follow the instructions you received as soon as possible, to set your real password. There is a seven day limit in either case.

The login node name is usually ( for the Tetralith cluster, for the Bi cluster, etc.)


Please read this guide on security on NSC systems, it will show you how to keep your account and the rest of the system secure, and also how to use SSH logins as efficiently as possible (e.g not having to type your password all the time).

Logging in for the first time

Note: for Tetralith and Sigma, you choose your password using a URL you receive in an email, before your first login to the cluster as such. When that has been done, your first login will not be special as it was on the older clusters at NSC.

For the older clusters, when you login for the first time you will be forced to change your temporary password to a permanent one. For technical reasons, you must do this first login using regular SSH (e.g not using ThinLinc, SFTP, SSH using SSH/ControlMaster, ...).

Example (using OpenSSH):

kronberg@ming:~$ ssh's password: 
Last login: Thu Sep  8 12:09:17 2011 from
[...Examplecluster welcome message and help text...]

This is the first time you log in to this NSC resource.
You will have to change the initial password we sent you.
Please choose a good, strong password that you do not use at
any other system.

Enter the initial password we sent you: <ENTER YOUR PASSWORD AGAIN HERE>
Enter your new password: <CHOOSE A NEW PASSWORD AND ENTER IT HERE>
Enter the new password again: <...AND AGAIN HERE>

Your password has been changed.

NOTE: Using key-based SSH login in the right way is both
more secure and more convenient than using passwords.
Press the RETURN key to log out --> 
Your user is now activated and you may log in.
Connection to closed.

You can use any SSH client that supports the SSH protocol version 2 (all modern SSH clients should be able to, e.g OpenSSH, PuTTY.

Note that the first time you log in you will need to change the temporary password we sent to you to a permanent one.

If you do not log in and set a permanent password within 7 days, your account will be locked. If this happens to you, contact to have it unlocked.

Choose a good password, and do not use that password for anything else except your cluster account. If you want to change your password, use the passwd command on the login node.

After your first login

Once you have logged in for the first time and changed your password, you can login normally to the cluster.

All clusters support SSH logins, and file transfers using any method (e.g sftp, WinSCP) that uses SSH or SFTP.

Tetralith and Sigma also have remote desktop software (ThinLinc) installed, which allows you to run graphical applications with comparable responsiveness as if they ran on your own computer. See the Running Graphical Applications page for more information.

If you cannot log in

Follow the login problems instructions.

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