Using NSC Express

NSC Express is the self-service portal for users at NSC, introduced in April 2011.

Most of the functionality in NSC Express have since been migrated to the NAISS-wide SUPR portal, but you will still use NSC Express to:

  • Choose password for your login account (on newer clusters)
  • View usage statistics for yourself and the projects you are a member of
  • Manage groups that have been set up for special purposes
  • Manage your contact information (but only if you are not registered in SUPR too)

Getting access to NSC Express

Go to the NSC Express login page and try this in order:

  • If you are registered in SUPR, use the Login via SUPR alternative. This might not work if you are registered in SUPR, but your SUPR user has not yet been linked to your NSC Express user. In that case, you will have to try again later, or use another alternative below.

  • If you have set an NSC Express password earlier, use the Login Using Email Address and Password alternative. You can also use the Login Using Client Certificate alternative if you have registered a client certificate in NSC Express earlier.

  • If you have used NSC resources in the past, you will be present in NSC Express already and should not register a duplicate user. If the steps above do not let you in, email and ask for access to NSC Express. We will send you an email with a link that you can use to set a new password. We will send it to the address registered in NSC Express. If you current email address is different, we will have to verify your identity first.

  • If you know that you do not already exists in the NSC Express database (you have not used NSC resources at all before), and you will not need access to SUPR, you can register locally in NSC Express.

  • Otherwise, register in SUPR first. When you become member of a project that can run on an NSC resource, an NSC Express user will be created for you automatically.

Getting help with NSC Express

Email and describe your problem.

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