Using SUPR

SUPR is the self-service portal for users of all NAISS systems (and some other systems like Berzelius). It was introduced in March 2012 to handle the spring SNAC Large allocation round. After that, more functions have been moved to SUPR from local systems like NSC Express and manual handling.

You use SUPR to:

  • Register and update your contact information
  • Accept the NAISS User Agreement
  • Apply for new projects
  • Request membership in projects
  • Request login accounts
  • Manage groups that have been set up for special purposes, e.g. for keeping track of software licenses
  • View usage statistics for the projects you are a member of

Getting access to SUPR

Go to SUPR and try this in order:

  • If you are present in SUPR already and remember the registered email address and password, use the Login Using Email and Password alternative. You can also use the Login using SWAMID alternative if you have registered your SWAMID identity earlier or the Login Using Client Certificate alternative if you have registered a client certificate in SUPR earlier.

  • Use the "Request Password" button to request an email to your registered email address. The email will contain a link you can use to set the SUPR password.

  • If you think you are present in SUPR with an old email address you no longer have access to, please use the support form in SUPR and ask us to update. We might have to ask you to verify your identity in some way.

  • If you know that you do not already exists in the SUPR database (you have not used SNIC or NAISS resources at all before), register a new person in SUPR.

Getting help with SUPR

Use the support form in SUPR and describe your problem.

If you have questions or comments about a decision on a proposal for a project, please use the email address provided in the decision email for that purpose.

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