Rules for NSC user account holders

Limitations of service

  • The user account is time limited, and may be terminated if the user's current affiliation is ended.

  • Service is provided on a best effort basis. Although NSC staff put professional pride in maintaining a high level of service, no guarantees are made for system uptime or data integrity.

Usage rules

  • The user account is personal and shall not be shared with other persons.

  • The user account shall not be used for other purposes than those for which resource allocation has been granted.

  • Permanent passwords and private keys shall be kept secret and shall not be transmitted over insecure channels.

  • The user shall not engage in sabotage or other damaging or disruptive activities against NSC facilities or other NSC users, nor attempt to gain unauthorized access to NSC systems. This includes, but is not limited to, circumventing accounting mechanisms to use more resources than has been allocated.

  • The user shall not use NSC systems to engage in sabotage or other damaging or disruptive activities against other systems, nor use NSC systems to attempt to gain unauthorized access to other systems.

  • Any indications of security problems, signs of intrusion or suspect activity from other users shall immediately be reported to NSC staff.


  • Breach of these rules may result in account termination and/or legal prosecution.

Additional rules

  • The user shall inform NSC of any changes in address, phone number, e-mail etc.

  • All projects will be shown on the internet, together with information regarding all the participants.

  • The user agrees to acknowledge the use of the NSC resources in any article or scientific publication resulting from, or utilizing, the project calculations and to submit a copy on demand to NSC.

  • The project leader is under obligation to write a scientific report on the project for the annual NSC Progress Report, as well as when the project is completed. This Progress Report will be published both on paper and on the internet.

  • The user must deregister with NSC when access to NSC's resources is no longer needed.

Text last modified: 2006-03-30. Format converted 2014-02-13.

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