Personal Information Policy

Personal data

NSC needs to collect and store certain personal data about you in order to provide high performance computing services to you.

For example, NSC uses your personal data to provide you with information that you request from us, information that NSC considers may interest you, or information that you should take part of for the utilization of our services.

This personal data includes:

  • Information you provide when you register (online in NSC Express or via other means) and send in your User Agreement including the required enclosed documents.

  • Information provided by the principal investigator in project applications (via SNAC or locally), including project membership information.

  • Job accounting and operating system logs, as well as logged activities in NSC Express.

Note on registration of nationality: Currently NSC is not bound by any licenses, contracts, or laws that restrict or forbid access for certain nationalities. However, the requirement to document nationality is maintained in case NSC should again be required to abide by such regulations.

Data shared externally

NSC does not sell or otherwise pass your personal information on to companies.

NSC publishes information about projects that utilize resources at NSC. For example, information such as title, principal investigator, abstract, and homepage may be published in various contexts.

Data shared within SNIC

NSC shares data with SNIC centrally and other SNIC centres. For example, project accounting data is shared with SNIC.

Data shared with other NSC users

NSC shares personal data among members within a project. For example, name, title, email, and city are visible for all members within a project in NSC Express.

NSC shares project data among members within a project. For example, name, title, principal investigator, start date, end date, and resource allocations are visible for all members within a project in NSC Express.

Checking and correcting your information

In NSC Express, you can review all your personal data that NSC has in our electronic register. You can also update most of your personal data directly in NSC Express and the data that is not editable here can be updated by contacting NSC by mail or email. NSC may require documentation of the new data in order to update the register. For example, updating your name will generally require that NSC receives a photocopy of an official document with the new name.

Revision of the personal information policy

NSC may at any time revise the personal information policy. However, if significant terms are revised, then the changes between revisions will be documented in this personal information policy document.

Contacting NSC

Questions, comments and requests regarding this personal information policy are welcomed and should be addressed to:


National Supercomputer Centre
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping

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