NSC to install Scandinavia’s most powerful supercomputer

This summer, Swedish researchers will gain access to significantly higher computing power when the most powerful computer in the Nordic region, Tetralith, is installed at the National Supercomputer Centre, NSC, at LiU. The maximum speed of the supercomputer is estimated to be just over 4 petaflops, or 4 000 000 000 000 000 floating point operations per second.

This gives Tetralith a much greater computing power than its predecessor Triolith, which after its expansion in October 2013 held the Nordic record for computing power at 0.45 petaflops.

Tetralith will be a national resource, and all researchers in Sweden will be able to apply for computing time through the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing, SNIC. The National Supercomputer Centre at LiU is one of six supercomputer installations in Sweden.

Read more about Tetralith in the Linköping University press release or on NSC's Tetralith page.

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