Expansion of The Berzelius SuperPOD

Sweden's fastest academic supercomputer for AI and machine learning, Berzelius at NSC, is being expanded. During the late spring 2023, Berzelius will be expanded with 34 more DGX-A100 compute nodes, bringing the total number up to 94, with a total computational capacity of 470 PFLOPS (AI).

To recognize the significance of the expansion and the scientific accomplishments enabled by Berzelius thus far, NSC was visited by the donors of Berzelius, the "Knut och Alice Wallenberg" foundation (KAW), and Hardware supplier Nvidia, prominently featuring Marcus Wallenberg of KAW as well as Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

Photo: Thor Balkhed. Front row, left to right: Johan Raber (NSC), Zenodia Charpy (Nvidia), Michael Felsberg (LiU), Jen-Hsun Huang, (CEO Nvidia), Marcus Wallenberg (KAW), Anders Ynnerman (LiU), Fredrik Wall (Nvidia), Sara Mazur (KAW), David Hogan (Nvidia), Björn Wallner (LiU), Sara Nyman (Wallenberg Foundation). Back row, left to right: Fredrik Viksten (LiU), Johanna Björklund (UmU), Magnus Weberg (Nvidia), Björn Alling (NSC), Niclas Andersson (NSC), Filip Polbratt (NSC), Matts Karlsson (LiU), Minna Frydén Bonnier (Wallenberg Foundations).

The program of the visit contained a visit to Berzelius in the computer rooms and an account of select scientific achievements carried out on Berzelius so far. Further information about the visit and the Berzelius expansion can be found in this LiU news article.

Photo: Thor Balkhed. Left to right: David Hogan (Nvidia), Björn Alling (NSC director), Björn Wallner (LiU), Sara Mazur (KAW), Marcus Wallenberg (KAW), Niclas Andersson (NSC), Jen-Hsun Huang, (Nvidia CEO).

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