Tetralith 74th on the June 2019 TOP500 list

Fastest in the Nordic countries

Tetralith is currently the fastest HPC system in the Nordic countries and entered at place 74 on the June 2019 version of the TOP500 list!

The Linpack run was achieved during the final stability testing of the fully installed Tetralith machine and gave a result of 2.97 PFlop/s. The benchmark took 4.5 hours to run and used 190 TiB memory and 64480 cores (290 kcore/h). Such a large Linpack run is a good test of system stability since failure of any one hardware component (cpu-core, memory dimm, network port) would have crashed the run.

On the alternative HPCG TOP500 list Tetralith is placed at position 45.

Tetralith vs. Triolith

Tetralith is more than 7 times faster than Triolith was on Linpack and 3.5 times faster on HPCG.

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