GPUs in Tetralith

Tetralith complemented with 170 NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs

NSC has complemented 170 regular thin Tetralith nodes with a single NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU each, as well as with a faster 2 TB local scratch solid state disk to enable new workloads to be carried out on Tetralith. A user guide has been published at URL

The GPU:s are of a kind well suited for development work of single or mixed precision floating point GPU codes, including Deep Learning tasks. TensorFlow for instance can reach performance around 2/3 that of a Tesla V100 in mixed precision.

To fair extent, the GPUs are also suited for single-node production runs of codes not requiring double precision, e.g. molecular dynamics codes such as GROMACS, Amber or NAMD. For example, you can expect performance in Amber not reachable using CPU only (of any amount), and GROMACS performs on a Tesla T4 like two to four regular Tetralith nodes depending on load.

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